Trump Praises Record Unemployment Rate Among Black Population

In his Saturday tweet, President Donald Trump praised his role in lowering the unemployment numbers among black U.S. workers. Despite the significant raise in black unemployment in January, Trump still stated that these numbers are the lowest in U.S. history.

Meanwhile, Trump also shared a tweet from the conservative radio host Wayne Dupree where Dupree noted that “it’s okay to be black, conservative and love America.”

“So true Wayne, and Lowest black unemployment in history!” Trump responded.

According to the research conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistic, unemployment rose to 7.7 percent in January after previously failing to 6.8 percent in December, which was the lowest number that was reported in almost half a century since the records first began in 1972.

Although employment numbers for February are still being processed and will be released next weekend, the chance that the black unemployment rate has changed positively since the January jobs report is less than likely.

Across the United States, the current overall unemployment rate has not changed from the standard 4.1. percent, which means that the growing economy is not producing new job positions as a result of advances in technology. According to The Hill, Trump and the White House use black employment rates regularly, hoping they will win the hearts of the black population which has been a strong voice against Trump as a result of the alleged racist comments he has made in the past.

Also, the president said during his first State of the Union speech last month that the rate was something he was “very proud of.” However, critics of Trump taking credit have said that the relatively low numbers for black unemployment are the result of the gradual economic recovery since the Great Recession in the last decade. The Hill reported that the unemployment rate among African-Americans has seen an overall decline since 2011 when former President Obama was still in office.

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