California State Senator Resigns After Being Accused of Sexual Harrasment

An investigation into California state senator that supposedly engaged in “flirtatious or sexually suggestive” behavior with six women resulted with his resignation.

According to The Los Angeles Times, Democratic state Senator Tony Mendoza stepped down before a vote to remove him from office took place. The resignation was announced in a letter, in which Mendoza accused fellow lawmakers of treating him unfairly.

The former senator accused Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon, a fellow Democrat, saying that the lawmaker “will not rest until he has my head on a platter to convince the MeToo movement of his ‘sincerity’ in supporting the MeToo cause.”

The Los Angeles Times reported that Mendoza indicated in the letter that it is still possible that he might run for re-election later this year.

The Hill reports that Mendoza has been accused by six women of inappropriate behavior, including by four of his employees. One of the other women was a lobbyist, and the other worked for another state lawmaker.

The report from the investigation said that the allegations against Mendoza were “more likely than not,” which resulted in lawmakers wanting to vote if he should be removed from office. A week before the vote was scheduled all state senators were given the report for examining.

The Hill also reported that Mendoza sued the state Senate last week, alleging that the chamber had denied his constituents adequate representation.

As the #MeToo movement started to take shape two other California state lawmakers also have resigned in recent months, as result of sexual harassment allegations made against them.

The movement started in October 2017 and quickly spread around the globe, with its goal to motivate women that have been sexually harassed by powerful man in politics, businesses and the media to come forward and ask for justice. Since than dozen of high profile man have been accused and brought to justice.

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