Republican Representative Asks White House Why it Took So Long to Act on Porter’s Abuse Scandal

Republican Representative for Florida, Carlos Curbelo on Monday said that Congress is still waiting for the White House to further explain its prolonged handling of the domestic violence scandal that rose against former White House aide Rob Porter, who had to  resign last week.

“I think it’s important for them to be transparent and explicit about who knew what when, and why it took so long to act,” Curbelo said while being guest on CNN’s “New Day.”

Porter’s two former wives said he abused them both mentally and physically during their marriage. His ex-wife Colbie Holderness also showed photos of her face being bruised by Porter’s fists.

The whole scandal raised a lot of questions about how long it took Trump’s team to act on the accusations as well as the security clearances Porter had.

Porter on Wednesday resigned his position as White House staff secretary, although statements from White House officials defended Porter’s character praising him for doing a great work during his time in the White House.

Chief of staff John Kelly was the target of public criticism after it got published that he knew about the allegations for months before they were published in the media.

According to The Hill, President Trump addressed Porter’s resignation on Friday, but he made no mention of the women who accused him of abuse, and praised Porter for his work in the administration.

However, Curbelo on Monday said that Trump’s rhetoric on the allegations against Porter was not appropriate.

“I think first, especially after looking at those pictures we have to really express the concern and the pain that we feel for those women,” he said.

“Now, I understand the president’s sentiment too. I don’t think we need to rush to convict people, to condemn people, and yes everyone should have the ability to defend themselves,” he continued. “But that doesn’t mean we ignore the pain and the suffering of the victims of domestic abuse, which is very real and very serious.”

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