Trump Doesn’t Say How He Will Stop Future School Shootings

President Donald Trump guaranteed to an 8-year-old girl that he was going to protect American people after the girl wrote him a letter asking how he will keep kids safe from guns.

The Washington Post reported on Sunday that Ava Olsen, 8, was at a South Carolina school in 2016 when a 14-year-old opened fire. Her best friend died in the shooting, which made Olsen write to the president to ask him what could be done to stop such events.

“Schools are places where children learn and grow with their friends. Their halls should be free of fear. It is my goal as President to make sure that children in America grow up in safe environments, giving them the best opportunity to realize their full potential,” Trump responded, adding that he “will continue to focus on protecting Americans and improving the safety of our Nation.”

Trump later thanked Olsen for her letter and sent his condolences for the loss of her friend. However, when the little girl noticed that the president did not specifically answer her question on how he would keep kids safe, Olsen wrote another letter.

According to The Washington Post, her follow up letter included ideas of her own, the newspaper reported, including moving schools to safer places and building schools in circles with playgrounds located in the center.

Since the beginning of 2018, around a dozen school shootings have happened, most recently when a student at a Texas high school was shot. Two students were also killed at a Kentucky high school and another two were shot in the classroom at a Los Angeles middle school.

After the Kentucky shooting, NBC News reporter Pete Alexander pressured White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on what President Trump is doing to stop the school shooting, but Sanders did not give a response, rather accusing the reporter of making Trump “complicit” in the shooting.

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