Five Goals Trump Wants to Achieve on His State of the Union Address

President Donald Trump will give his first State of the Union address Tuesday. This is the chance Trump had been waiting for to increase his popularity points since the chaotic January he had.

Trump’s popularity has drastically fallen since the report of his attempt to fire special counsel Robert Mueller came to the public eye.

Last year, when Trump delivered a speech to a joint session of Congress, he managed to win the hearts of the lawmakers which led to the period when his approval was at highest.

According to The Hill, the president will try to achieve five things. Firstly, he intends to pressure Congress on immigration. The White House on Thursday presented their ambitious plan on immigration, a problem that has complicated things in Congress since first weeks of the new year. However, the new plan was quickly dismissed by Democrats. Trump will use part of the speech as a sales pitch for his plan, according to a senior administration official.

He also plans to lay out an infrastructure plan. A senior administration official said to reporters that Trump would spend a big part of his State of the Union speech, giving details on the trillion-dollar proposal to rebuild the nation’s roads, bridges and transit systems.

Trump will also take an economic victory lap, trying to change the nation’s focus on questions regarding his mental fitness and his racist remarks with praising his contribution to U.S. economy. The president will further set the stage for the midterms and try to reassure Americans that the Republicans have produced positive results since they have the majority in both houses. This comes as a response to the low popularity points the Republican attracted before the upcoming 2018 midterm elections.

Lastly, he will try to shake things up. Trump is expected to leave the traditional script and introduce his own stamp during his speech. Former President Barack Obama in 2015 broke the tradition by posting and streaming his entire address online. Trump now needs a new thing that will give him more viewers than Obama, which is something that he craves for since his inauguration ceremony.

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