Senator Murphy: Robert Mueller’s Investigation Will Tell Us What Happened in 2016

The Democratic Senator from Connecticut Chris Murphy defended on Wednesday California Senator Dianne Feinstein for “unilaterally” releasing a transcript of an interview with the co-founder of Fusion GPS, who produced a controversial dossier that accused President Donald Trump and his campaign officials of plotting with Russia in the 2016 presidential elections.  

Murphy was a guest on the CNN’s show “New Day” where he commented on the matter.

“Unfortunately comity has fallen apart on that committee for the time being,” Murphy told Chris Cuomo the show host.

“I think it’s just another reminder that if we’re going to get to the bottom of what happened with respect to the 2016 election, it’s going to come through Robert Mueller’s investigation,” he continued talking.

“I’ve always been skeptical that the Judiciary Committee or the Intelligence Committee was going to keep Republicans and Democrats together on their own investigations.”

The Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson was interviewed by the Judiciary Committee behind closed doors last August. That was as part of a wider investigation regarding the Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential elections.

The Hill reports that Dianne Feinstein, the committee’s ranking Democrat, went against the wishes of the committee chairman, Senator Chuck Grassley, who wanted to wait before releasing the transcript.

“It’s totally confounding that Senator Feinstein would unilaterally release a transcript of a witness interview in the middle of an ongoing investigation — a witness that Feinstein herself subpoenaed last year for lack of cooperation,” was said by Grassley’s press secretary in a statement.

This Wednesday Murphy stated that he was together with Feinstein on that, saying that she made the right decision.

“Remember the Republicans on that committee didn’t consult with her with respect to their referral to the Department of Justice on Fusion GPS,” Murphy commented on the matter.

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