Obama Surprised By Hawaiian Christmas Carols

President Barack Obama was spending Christmas Eve in Hawaii with his family when he was surprised by a group of women singing Christmas carols outside the residence he was staying at.

The group which surprised the former president, Members of Windward ReSisters, decided to sing carols and welcome him to Hawaii just outside the estate he and his family were spending the night.

“We got our group together on Saturday and went with our pussy hats and Santa hats and proceeded to Christmas carol in front of the estate,” Darlene Mandel, a member of the group, told People.

Obama came out of the party and joined them in singing a few lines of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.”

“After about 10 minutes, he came out with three Secret Service agents and I was ready with my trusty camera,” Mandel said. “He was joking because my girlfriend spilled champagne on him. It was short and sweet and made our Christmas.”

Mandel said that Obama shook hands with the women and hugged one of them.

“No wonder you’re singing so happy,” he said in the video. “I didn’t realize there was champagne to go with it!”

Even though former President Barack Obama lived in Hawaii for only a few weeks before moving to Seattle with his mother, he was born in Hawaii and stands as the only president coming from the island. Obama regularly spends Christmas there, even doing so while serving in the White House. He and his family have not missed a Christmas Eve on the island.

Obama wished his Twitter followers Merry Christmas and happy holidays by posting a picture of him and his family.

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