Carl Bernstein: Trump Is Doing Grave Disservice to Our Democracy

Carl Bernstein, a famous veteran journalist, openly criticized President Donald Trump for the president’s attacks on the FBI. Trump previously attacked several FBI agents on Twitter saying that the integrity of the agency has been compromised.

Bernstein commented in an interview with CNN’s Jim Sciutto that it’s Trump’s presidency whose integrity has been compromised.

Carl Bernstein is one of the most respected reporters of the modern era, who became famous with the Watergate scandal, and now accuses Trump of acting contemptuously toward the FBI and other “instruments” of American democracy.

“The keyword… that he keeps using is ‘tainted.’ There’s really only one institution that has really been tainted through these months and that is the Trump presidency. It’s tainted by the president’s lies, by his disrespect for American institutions operating under the law with traditional American democracy and the instruments thereof.”

“He’s contemptuous of those instruments,” Bernstein said.

In Bernstein’s opinion, the president is doing a “grave disservice” to the country when he undermines institutions such as the FBI.

The reporter then added that he will welcome any moves from Mueller’s team if he really believes he will be exonerated.

“If the president is as confident as he says, if this investigation is going to end very soon with him being exonerated, he ought to welcome all of this instead of attacking constantly,” Bernstein commented.

“He’s doing a grave disservice to our democracy,” he added.

All this started when the president attacked FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe on Twitter for an alleged donation his wife received and over reports that McCabe will possibly retire in March.

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