U.S. Navy Sent Cryptic Tweet About Julian Assange

WikiLeaks founder’s Twitter account mysteriously vanished without warning or explanation but appeared again on Christmas morning, although that was not the only inconvenience Julian Assange had. The U.S. Navy posted a cryptic tweet containing only his name, which was later deleted, but WikiLeaks managed to take a screenshot of it.

The Navy’s verified Twitter account explained the tweet, claiming it was a result of Assange’s name already being a trending topic, Newsweek reported.

“This morning, an inadvertent keystroke by an authorized user of the U.S. Navy Office of Information’s Digitial Media Engagement Team caused the trending term ‘Julian Assange’ to be tweeted from the Navy’s official Twitter account. The inadvertent tweet was briefly posted for a few second before it was quickly deleted by the same authorized user.

The inadvertent tweet was sent during routine monitoring of trending topics,” the Navy wrote on Twitter.

Newsweek analyzes that someone on the Navy’s Digital Media Engagement Team is not very good at social media considering the inadvertent tweet and subsequent misspelling. Assange acknowledged the Navy’s erroneous tweet alongside a seasonally appropriate illustration.

In the meantime, WikiLeaks’ official account on Twitter wrote that Assange’s physical situation at the embassy remains unaltered.

Assange lives at the embassy of Ecuador in London. He got political asylum in 2012 and remained there to avoid being extradited to Sweden, where he had been accused of sexual molestation, rape, and unlawful coercion. Even though Sweden dropped the case, the British government threatened to arrest WikiLeaks’ founder if he gets out of the embassy because of a separate warrant.

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