Top German Official says U.S. Looks at EU as Competitor, Economic Rival

A top German official issued a statement saying that the ties between the U.S. and Germany “will never be the same” after President Donald Trump’s term in office, The Hill reports.

Germany’s Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel in a speech during a foreign policy conference in Berlin stated that the Trump administration looks more and more at Europe as a “competitor or economic rival” instead of as an ally. During his speech, he also said that Germany needs to be able to “define our own position and, if necessary, draw red lines, in partnership, but oriented around our own interests.”

“This means that as a matter, of course, we will also be seen as a competitor,” he stated.

Trump often advocates his “America First” agenda. Throughout the first year of his presidency, he has faced harsh criticism by some European leaders for some of his actions and policies.

The New York Times reported that the secretary of State Rex Tillerson received a “chilly” reception in Brussels this week. Tillerson’s spokesman, R.C. Hammond, said allies have been “very frank today in sharing some of their views.”

During a morning visit to the United States Embassy in Brussels, Tillerson said the Trump administration doesn’t have “any wins on the board yet,” according to The Times. He added, “I can tell you we’re in much better position to advance America’s interests around the world than we were 10 months ago.”

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