Federal Officials Install Security Cameras at Border Wall Site

Surveillance equipment has been installed at the construction site of prototypes for President Donald Trump’s proposed wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. Federal documents reveal that Customs and Border Protection officials ordered a video surveillance system in the weeks before construction was to begin on eight prototypes. The video surveillance system was ordered to help authorities guard the project, The Los Angeles Times reports.

The price has been blacked out in the document that was published on a federal government website on November 16, two months after the decision to use it was made. Because the normal bidding process would take more time, maybe a few weeks, the system was approved under a no-bid process after the agency decided to install it right before the construction began on September 26. The report for the Times is a proof that federal authorities were worried over possible security issues at the construction site. The document says that it was “necessary to deploy surveillance technology to the construction site in order to provide situational awareness related to threats against the site and against the contractors building the prototype walls on behalf of CBP.”

According to the newspaper, there were no protests or incidents during the prototypes’ construction. The construction was completed in late October.

The border wall was a pillar of president Trump’s agenda since the beginning of his presidential campaign. Trump still needs to obtain funding form the Congress needed for the project. Last week he renew calls to build the wall after a terrorist attack at a mosque in Egypt.

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