GOP Senators Demand More Information from Uber

Some four Republican senators are pressuring the ride-handling company, Uber, for more information about a cyber attack they endured last year, which resulted in over 50 million user accounts being compromised. Senators John Thune, Orrin Hatch, Jerry Moran and Bill Cassidy wrote a letter on Monday to Dara Khosrowshahi, the CEO of Uber, in which they pose several questions for him to answer.

Even though Uber claimed the personal information stolen from them has not been misused, lawmakers believe the breach raises concerns. Furthermore, they point out that the $100,000 payment Uber made to hackers in order to cover up the breach is a likely violation of Federal Trade Commission regulations.

“Our goal is to understand what steps Uber has taken to investigate what occurred, restore and maintain the integrity of its systems, and identify and mitigate potential consumer harm and identity theft-related fraud against Federal programs,” the four senators said in their letter to Uber’s CEO.

They also demanded that Khosrowshahi say when the firm discovered the hack, what regulators it spoke to about the incident and what steps were taken to reduce the effect of the breach and help drivers whose information was also stolen.

Democrats have also pressured Uber for details about the hack which it did not disclose to customers. Senator Mark Warner likewise demanded in a letter that the company share more information regarding the cyber attack and the manner in which it handled the breach. Both letters come after reports appeared that Uber paid hackers to keep the breach secret and to destroy the stolen files.

Several state attorney generals have already opened investigations into the incident, while regulators in Europe are also looking into the matter. Uber could also face a probe by FTC, which noted it was “closely evaluating the serious issues raised” by the hack, The Hill reports.

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