Republican Senators Disregard Calls for Bill Protecting Mueller from Trump

Senate Republicans are dismissing demands made by Democrats to pass a bill which would protect Robert Mueller from being fired by President Donald Trump. The special counsel is currently investigating Russian meddling with last year’s presidential election.

When asked if such legislation is to be passed, Senator Bob Corker said he couldn’t “imagine any administration taking a move like that.”

These demands come after Mueller revealed on Monday the charges against former aides of the president, Paul Manafort, and Richard Gate.

In addition to the charges, some conservatives have been pressuring Mueller to resign, which prompted Democrats to push the passing of such legislation by Congress that would prevent the Trump administration from firing the special counsel.

However, Republicans disagree that such a measure is necessary because they are certain the president would not do something like that, nor that he would get the Justice Department to do it for him.

“There’s no indication that he’s going to … fire [Mueller] or pardon [anyone] at this point,” Senator Jeff Flake said.

Senator Lindsay Graham similarly rejected the idea that anyone “in their right mind” would lay off the special counsel.

“I don’t feel an urgent need to pass that law until you show me that Mr. Mueller is in jeopardy,” he said on Monday.

Two bills were proposed by Democrats which would require that the court gets involved should an attempt at firing Mueller be made. The first bill demands that a judge approves the request to fire the special counsel, while the other states that Mueller could challenge his firing in court.

Despite bipartisan concerns regarding Trump possibly firing Mueller, White House Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said on Monday the president was not considering taking such actions.

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