Value of U.S. Passport Drops Under Trump

The value of American passports has dropped behind those of 18 countries in terms of global mobility, according to a survey released Wednesday by international finance firm Arton Capital, Newsweek reports.

According to the rankings, U.S. passports are tied for sixth place, along with Ireland, Canada and Malaysia – as the rankings are made by how many countries the passport holders can visit without applying for a visa.

Several countries have revoked visa-free access for American passport holders lately, as Turkey and the Central African Republic revoked the easy travel. The European Union in March voted to end visa-free travel for Americans in a nonbinding resolution but ultimately opted against the motion, Newsweek adds.

Trump’s travel bans on several majority-Muslim countries in Africa and the Middle East have also led to a series of legal challenges and questions about who will be exceptions to the rule, Newsweek notes. Two years ago, the United States tied for first place with the United Kingdom on the list; last year, it slipped to fourth place. Americans now trails 18 countries, including Belgium, Japan, Sweden and first-place Singapore.

Other passport rankings have also shown that the value of U.S. passports in terms of global mobility is behind countries like Germany, Denmark or Italy. In Henley & Partners’ 2017 report, Germany topped the list of global visa-free access, followed by Denmark, Finland, Italy and Spain. Out of 174 measured by Henley & Partners, the United States tied for third place.

In the Nomad Passport Index, which measures visa-free travel as well as taxes on international visitors, possibilities for dual citizenship, individual rights and global perception, the United States tied for 35th place, Newsweek writes.

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