Pruitt: Grant Funding to EPA Science Advisers Will Be Restricted

EPA’s Scott Pruitt said Tuesday he may soon cut funding to science advisers to the EPA due to lack of objectivity in their research. Pruitt made these comments at a Heritage Foundation event, where he noted that the scientist who sits on the Environmental Protection Agency’s advisory board and receives federal grants for that, may be biased, raising suspicions regarding the accuracy of the recommendations they make to the EPA.

“There are dozens and dozens of these folks. Over the years these individuals, as they’ve served in those capacities, guess what’s also happened? They’ve received monies through grants, and often substantial monies through grants,” Pruitt said.

EPA’s administrator announced he would restrict funding as early as next week as a means to “fix” the problem.

“I’m going to issue a directive that addresses that to ensure the independence and transparency and objectivity in regard to the scientific advice we are getting at the agency,” he said.

However, his decision was met with criticism by scientists, some of whom believe his intention is to dispose of those scientists who provide facts and shed light on the real “threats to our environment and health.”

In his speech, Pruitt also said he would employ a red team-blue team approach, by means of which scientists would be able to discuss important environmentally-related questions and thus inform the public on these issues and build consensus on them.

Pruitt’s announcement was disapproved of by Michael Bruce, Executive Director of the Sierra Club, who believes Pruitt’s policies are “disastrous for the health of our kids and our communities.”

“For Pruitt, anything that helps corporate polluters make money is good and science and facts are just roadblocks he wants to tear down,” Bruce added.

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