Biden Says European Leader Compared Trump to Mussolini

Former Vice President Joe Biden said that 14 heads of states contacted him in an attempt to better understand the actions of Trump administration. A European prime minister allegedly compared President Donald Trump to Benito Mussolini.

Biden explained that the comment was made after Trump appeared to push aside the prime minister of Montenegro as he moved toward the front of a group of leaders during the NATO summit, The Hill reports.

Biden said that the unnamed European leader described to him how “Trump took the president [sic] of Montenegro, shoved him aside, stuck his chest out and his chin, and all I could think of [was] ‘Il Duce.’”

Biden talked about Trump in terms of fundamental concern about his effect on the world order, The Guardian reports.

“This breaking down of international and national norms is the glue that holds the liberal world order together, is the glue that holds together our system,” Biden said during an event in Ohio with Republican Gov. John Kasich.

Biden said that he urged holdovers from the Obama administration, who are still in the government, not to leave and to try to provide stability. He also said that he doesn’t want top-level cabinet officials to leave the administration. Biden criticized Trump’s ability to run the country.

“We have a president that does not understand governance,” Biden said.

The critics contrasted with the nominal topic of the discussion: bridging the political divide. Biden and Kasich, both of whom have run for president in the past and are mentioned as potential 2020 candidates, sat next to each other and shared concerns about Trump’s attacks on the press and complained about last year’s campaign coverage. Both of them criticized increasing partisanship in Washington DC. They disagreed only on the issue of free speech on campus.

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