At Least Two Million Immigrants Will Get Work Permits This Year

Data released by the Department of Homeland Security show that about two million foreigners will get work permits for U.S. jobs this year, despite the efforts of President Donald Trump’s administration to cut back some business-backed foreign-worker programs. Breitbart reports that this is partly because the deputies have reduced only a few of Barak Obama’s foreign-worker programs and policies.

“The majority of these work permits are given to people who originally entered the country illegally and now have some kind of exception being made for them, either on a temporary base or while they apply for some other benefit,” Jessica Vaughan, a policy expert at the Center for Immigration Studies, said.

According to her, this is almost entirely outside of U.S. legal immigration and those workers are an additional segment.

The number of Employment Authorization Documents (EADS) in the first nine months is 1.6 million, and it will probably break two million because a lot of people applied for DACA amnesty work permits in the last few weeks.

One million foreigners are allowed to become legal immigrants, an additional half a million get work visas as the H-!B, H-2A, H-2B, J-1 and L-a visas, and a few hundred thousand will probably cross the Mexican border or overstay the visas, so the number climbs up to almost four million foreigners. That’s one foreigner for every American who turns 18.

Since the 1970s lower-wage immigrants fill up job openings and the Americans lose their will or opportunity for work. According to federal data, 88.4 percent of prime-age U.S.-born men are working. In 1980 their percent was 94, in 2000 was 91, while in 2010, it was 89 percent.

“There’s no way you can make the case that this number of work permits being issued annually does not have an effect on the labor market,” Vaughan said.

She added that under Trump, there is a small progress in reducing the number of EADS and that progress includes a reduction in the number of illegal aliens who get permission to stay.

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