Pence’s Workplace Email Account to Remain ‘Secret’

Vice President Mike Pence’s private workplace email account will remain a secret, as state officials are refusing to release an unknown number of emails tied to his account, Newsweek reports.

Indiana officials last summer gave The Associated Press heavily redacted emails requested under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), shortly after it was announced that Pence would run along Donald Trump in the presidential elections.

The 1,300 released messages contain little insight into the former Indiana governor’s mindset as he signed laws opposing gay rights, limiting refugee settlement and addressing an Indiana HIV outbreak as the state’s top official, Newsweek notes.

Indiana’s government employees are prohibited from using a workplace email account to conduct political business, however it is legal for officeholders to use private email accounts to conduct their political business, as long as they archive them.

Pence previously heavily criticized former-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for using a private e-mail account for official business. At the time, Pence did not work on national security issues as the governor of Indiana, nor received classified information as Clinton did, Newsweek adds.

However, back when he was governor, Pence used the AOL account to discuss Indiana’s response to terrorist attacks and to conduct political discussions, including possibly his opinion of rising GOP star, and future boss, Donald Trump, Newsweek notes.

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