House Panel Subpoenaed Firm Behind Trump-Russia Dossier

The House Intelligence Committee subpoenaed Fusion GPS, the political research firm involved in the dossier which contains allegations regarding President Donald Trump’s connections to Russia. The subpoenas were issued by Devin Nunes, the chairman of the committee, without previous agreement from Democrats, although they were approved by Mike Conway who now leads the investigation into Russian interference in the elections.

Partners of Fusion GPS also received subpoenas issued by Nunes, requesting their testimonies later this month. Joshua Levy, a lawyer for Fusion GPS said it was “a blatant attempt to undermine the reporting of the so-called ‘dossier,’ even as its core conclusion of a broad campaign by the Russian government to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election has been confirmed by the U.S. intelligence community and is now widely accepted as fact.”

He added that indisputable evidence that the Kremlin made use of every tool at its disposal to influence the presidential elections outcome in favor of Donald Trump, has already been made public.

“We are learning more each day about fake news perpetuated by the Russian government via social media and the deep ties to Russia of top Trump campaign officials,” Levy continued. He was evidently angered by Nunes’ attempts to “set traps” for those involved in the investigation of the issue, whether it is investigators from the FBI or private citizens.

Following an ethnics complaint regarding his actions in reviewing the secret documents, Nunes stepped aside from the Russia investigation. However, he claims that his right to issue subpoenas still stands as chairman of the committee and that he would remain involved in the investigation. This infuriated some Democratic members of the committee who believe Nuns is pushing the investigation “in a political direction.”

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