UN Chief Condemns North Korea Threat, Prods U.S. on Climate Deal

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has condemned North Korea’s recent nuclear test as a “serious threat” to the world peace and urged all countries to increase efforts to enforce Security Council sanctions imposed on Kim Jong Un’s regime, Bloomberg reports.

In his address at the annual gathering of the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, Guterres emphasized seven “grave challenges” the world is facing, that include terrorism, unresolved conflicts or sectarian disputes in countries such as Syria and Myanmar, as well as cyber-attacks, which he called the “dark side of innovation.”

“People are hurting and angry,” Guterres said. “They see insecurity rising, inequality growing, conflict spreading and climate changing.”

While Guterres and the President Donald Trump have agreed on North Korea and efforts to promote “reform” of the UN by targeting troubled peacekeeping programs, the UN chief also offered a subtle criticism of the U.S. stance about the Paris climate deal, which Trump has vowed to withdraw from.

“It is high time to get off the path of suicidal emissions,” Guterres said, according to the prepared remarks. “We know enough today to act. The science is unassailable.”

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