The Hill’s Bob Cusack Says Trump Wall Unlikely in 2017

The Hill’s Editor in Chief Bob Cusack says that there is a little chance that President Donald Trump will get funding for the Mexico border wall by the end of this year.

“I think that Trump is going to have to make a decision that maybe he can get his wall down the road, though that’s doubtful. But this fall, by the end of September, I don’t think so, and Republicans on Capitol Hill don’t want a government shutdown, because usually they are blamed for the shutdown.” Cusack says in an interview with Focus Washington.

On the possibility of government shutdown, Cusack says that before Hurricane Harvey, the chances were well over 50 percent, but now things have changed.

“An effective strategy would be to give the money for the disaster relief and attach it to funding the government measure,” he notes.

Cusack also referred to Trump’s handling of the Charlottesville events, saying that “this really hurts the President, with a lot of Republicans starting to distance themselves from him.”

The prospect of a government shutdown, as well as the Charlottesville aftermath and the midterm election were just some of the topics that Cusack discussed with Focus Washington’s host Chuck Conconi.

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