Chief of Staff Kelly Reportedly Screening Everything before Going to Trump

New White House chief of staff John Kelly quietly circulated two memos outlining a new process of screening every piece of information before allowing it to get on the desk of President Donald Trump, Politico reports.

Before any memo or document hits the president’s eyes, it will first be reviewed by Kelly or White House staff secretary Rob Porter, Politico reports. And it may never get to the president’s desk, ending a veritable free-for-all that has been the norm for the first months of this administration.

Kelly’s memos were distributed to Cabinet members and WH staffers, Politico reported. The policy is common and has been used by many preceding administrations, but it’s new to the Trump White House.

“If there was not this structure beforehand and if the structure has now been created and if they adhere to it, you will get better results, but there are some ‘ifs’ in my statement. The process works if people stick to it,” Tevi Troy, who served as a deputy assistant under George W. Bush, told Politico.

Kelly’s aim is to cut down on the distractions, but also produce a level playing field among competing factions within the administration, Politico reports. Accompanying the restrictions on what information gets to the president are also new rules on who gets in to what meeting, also subject to the approval of Kelly, Politico reported.

“If you’re not on the list, you can’t get into the meeting,” an aide told Politico.

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