Maduro’s Son Says He Will ‘Take White House’ with Guns if U.S. Intervenes

The son of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Saturday said he would “take the White House” with guns if the U.S. pursued military intervention in his country, Newsmax reports.

“If the U.S. soils the homeland, the rifles would come to New York and take the White House,” said Nicolas Maduro Guerra according to Politico.

“I call on the youth, the women, the opposition, let’s unite in this rude aggression, because the last empire that dared to desecrate the sacred South American soil, and we were the Venezuelans who expelled them from this sacred indigenous land,” Guerra emphasized.

President Donald Trump on Friday threatened military intervention in Venezuela in response to the political crisis there.

“The people are suffering and they are dying. We have many options for Venezuela including a possible military option if necessary,” the president stated.

Trump turned down a phone call with Nicolas Maduro on Friday and the White House said in a statement that the president would gladly speak to the Venezuelan leader when democracy was restored in the country.

Venezuelans in late July elected to give the South American country’s ruling party virtually unlimited powers, a move that many believe is aimed only at securing Maduro’s increasingly authoritarian rule.

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