North Korea Potentially Able to Hit Most of U.S.

North Korea’s latest intercontinental ballistic missile launch makes it appear possible the nation could hit a majority of the United States, Reuters reports. The news outlet cited two U.S. officials’assessment of Pyongyang’s capability, while two intelligence officials said North Korea’s leader is seeking nuclear capability as a deterrent, rather than to target the United States.

The report comes several days after the U.S. military detected a ballistic missile launch from North Korea, and then conducted a successful test of its Alaskan-based missile defense system.

The Trump administration has urged China to put pressure on Pyongyang as it works to solve the nuclear issue, while emphasizing the need for a regional solution.

CNN on Monday reported that the U.S. had identified “highly unusual and unprecedented levels” of submarine activity from North Korea since last week’s missile test.

North Korea has conducted multiple missile tests this year, making its nuclear pursuits a top foreign policy issue for the Trump administration to grapple with in its first few months.

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