CBO to Release Senate Healthcare Bill Estimation Score

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) on Monday will release its score of the Senate healthcare reform bill constructed by the Republican party, Axios reports.

The report will include cost estimates for the bill and how many Americans will or won’t be covered. The CBO last week released a statement saying it was working with the Joint Committee on Taxation to prepare an estimate for the healthcare plan.

The Senate is expected to start procedural votes on the healthcare bill this Wednesday, one week after Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell unveiled a long-awaited proposal to replace the healthcare reforms enacted by President Barack Obama. The legislation is similar to the House-passed American Health Care Act, but includes additional funding to stabilize insurance exchanges.

The CBO projected the House bill would cut the federal deficit by $119 billion by 2026, but that would also increase the number of people who are uninsured by 23 million during that same time frame.

Several Republican senators still aren’t sold on the bill, including Bill Cassidy, Louisiana, and Ben Sasse, Nebraska. Five others, Mike Lee of Utah, Ted Cruz of Texas, Rand Paul of Kentucky, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Dean Heller of Nevada, say they will not vote for the bill in its current form.

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