The Hill’s Bob Cusack Discusses Gov. Christie’s and VP Biden’s Presidential Ambitions


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Vice President Joe Biden, both with 2016 presidential ambitions, have had a disastrous week that could negatively impact their White House ambitions. Bob Cusack, managing editor of The Hill newspaper, told Chuck Conconi in a Focus Washington video interview, that Defense Sec. Robert Gates sharp criticism of the vice president in his book, Duty, will probably help former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in her presidential ambitions.

The criticism is so devastating for the vice president, Cusack explained, because Gates was attacking him on his foreign policy stands and that “goes to his perceived strength in foreign policy.”

As for Christie, Cusack said, he has been hurt by the seemingly small minded closing of traffic lanes on the George Washington Bridge to allegedly punish the Mayor of Ft. Lee, New Jersey. He added, however, that if Christie’s contention holds that he didn’t know anything about it, then he could survive this and the voters may forget it since it’s a long way to 2016.